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Join me in finishing this YEAR LONG battle in Mexico!
I arrived in Mexico ONE YEAR AGO with Cancer and very little hope. After being here a year, I've ALMOST made a COMPLETE RECOVERY.

I am trying to do one more therapy session... two weeks long... to wipe out the remaining cancer in my body the same way I've been able to get this far.

I NEED YOUR HELP. Over the past year, I have had just over 100 donors. If I could get each one of those to give just ONE MORE $20... I could enter the last therapy and get completely healthy.

PLEASE help me get this finished and get on with my life. YOUR $20 can make ALL the difference.

How to Donate:

Go directly to my approved donation site -
YOUCARING.COM and make a donation there for me.

This doesn't get me out of the woods. This whole experience wiped me out. After I complete therapy, I have to start over. At some point, I have to raise the money to return to the US and I'm not even sure what I'm going to do after that. I don't own anything. But one step at a time.
I need 70 $20 Donations to get back into therapy. Who will put a $20 into my "jar" so I can go get healthy?
70-$20 Donations by Aug. 31st

64 (AS of 8/22 - received 6-$20's)
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