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Design is the most important aspect of a Website. It effects SEO Optimization, the impression you leave on your prospects and more. Proper design includes the following considerations:

1. "Above the Fold" area. It's the most important. It sets the first impression and when properly designed, "pulls" the viewer deeper into the site which increases the likelihood of being converted into a lead. There are SEVEN key elements needed in the "Above the Fold" area for optimum success.
2. Colors/Layout - It's important to have a professional look and feel. The quality of your site design is a DIRECT reflection on YOU and the success of your business. Don't take it for granted. Everyone understands the concept of "dress for success". That having a nice car is a visible way to show your success level. Your website, many times, is the first thing they see in today's world. Put your best foot forward.
3. Content/Navigation - Having a nice look is one thing but if the content is weak or leads nowhere it is ALSO a direct reflection on you. You should write your content as if you were standing in front of your prospect and you had to explain the whole process to them from the beginning. What would you say? In what order? Beware of the recent "popular" design styles that overcrowd the home page. SEO is only the THIRD most important part of a website. Don't let the "theory" of SEO destroy your leads once they get to your site.
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MANY sites score poorly with Google’s latest Algorithms. The result is lower rankings in searches (if it shows up at all), poor performance that is likely to result inthe prospect leaving before becoming a lead and more.

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Product Placement

Product Placement the most important aspect of your website is how you treat your product. Is it displayed prominently? Are there "calls to action" attached when possible? Is it placed in the correct place in your site's navigation?

Anticipating what your prospect is in need of when they arrive at your site is optimal but not always possible so it's important to first understand what your product is TO THEM and then do your best to balance the content to lead them logically to contact you.

In Real Estate, your product is not JUST homes.. but YOU as well. Sometimes a person lands on your site trying to find out if they like you, want to work with you, etc. Sometimes you have a prospect that is looking to sell and wants to know what unique services and experience you have to offer. Do you address this?

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Marketability includes several aspects to your website's design that make it more friendly to Search Engines, Social Media and your clients and prospects.

Is your "branding" consistent across all platforms?

Are you in control of how Facebook and Twitter display your site?

Is it consistent in SEO keyword promotion throughout the site?

Since Social Media and the Search Engines are such a large part of your site's exposure, it's crucial to know how it's being shared and ranked and if not, why not.
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